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  • 5 Step "Plug and Play" Outreach Templates So You Can Sign Your Next Client Guaranteed (Or Your Money Back)
  • A/B Tests Written By Our Experts So You Can Improve Response Rates from Prospects
  • Personalized Openers That Make Every Message Look Individually Personalized
  • Cold Email Tech Stack Guide So You Can Send Thousands of Cold Emails Automatically Every Month (Without Breaking the Law or Spamming)
  • Direct Access to Our Team So We Can Give You Feedback on Your Scripts & Responses
  • BONUS 1: 7 Figure Rev Ops Course: How to Create Offers That 100% Cold Prospects Actually Buy & Pay High Ticket Prices For (Previously Only Available in Our $10k Coaching Program)
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Recordings of Sales Calls: Get recordings of real sales calls booked from cold messages. Includes sales training, KPI tracker sheets, ROI calculator sheets, and 10 recordings of real sales calls from cold prospects that closed on high ticket agency services. Add this to your order for only $49

Launch Your Lead Generation Machine and Get Your Next Client in 7 Days - For $20

What’s the difference between a freelancer and an agency owner?

Whats the difference between hoping & begging for business… constantly getting rejected by clients over and over… and being somebody who’s able to predictably get high paying clients?

Imagine this situation:

You don’t ever wonder where your next client is.

In fact, you know exactly where they are.

They’re 100 messages away.

Because the difference between those who stay a freelancer, and those who build a real business…

The difference between staying at a 9-5 job, and working for yourself…

The difference between being truly free, and being shackled to the hamster wheel of wondering if you’ll even make it next month…

Is your Client Acquisition System.

So let’s take some numbers:

How much revenue would it take for you to quit your job?

Visualize that number in your head, because it’s important.

Now, how many clients does it take to reach that revenue goal?

That’s our goal. Let’s say it’s 5.

Now, how many clients do you have to talk to to make a sale?

Let’s say it’s 5. We’ll give ourselves a conservative 20% close rate.

Now, how many prospects do we have to talk to in order to get 5 people interested?

From what I’ve seen, after working with thousands of agency owners and freelancers, is that the number is 15.

Which means this:

You need a predictable system that’s able to get us 15 interested leads per month, minimum.

And we want to do this while using the least amount of time & money possible.

And today, you’ll be getting access to the very system that’s allowed us to do this.

And help thousands of freelancers and agency owners do the same.

It’s called Cold Outreach.

This system lets you
  • Generate Leads every day
  •  Without spending any money on advertising
  • Sell clients without needing to build complicated funnels & websites
  • ​Make sales without posting content online
At a high level glance, the system works like this:
  • You find a business owner you want to sell your service to
  •  You get their email address
  • You write an outreach message to these business owners
  • ​5-10% reply
  • ​You have a conversation with them
  • ​You get a client

This is exactly how we have helped hundreds of people get results.

Now, I want to make something very clear.

These results are not typical. These are our students who have paid us over $10,000 for direct help inside their business. We’ve helped them with their cold outreach systems, their sales systems, and their entire operational infrastructures.

But I understand you might not have $10,000.

After all, you just met me.

So what do you do?

What I propose is a trade offer.

This meme will sum it up nicely:

Save 80-100 hours of time & thousands of dollars trying to find your next freelancing client - plug and play our proven script templates instead

Never worry about where your next client is coming from again! Our team will send you our proven “Plug and Play” scripts and make sure you have the exact templates to get in touch with your next client. The templates are ready to be copy + pasted into your outreach messages so you don’t have to do any editing.

Why Choose Us?

Our team has booked 1000s of sales calls with businesses using these templates- and other agencies will charge you $2000-$3000 per MONTH for these strategies!

Not to mention, these agencies will charge you an arm and a leg and guarantee zero results.

With Script Swipes, you’ll get script templates that are already proven to work, with a GUARANTEE that it works for your business, or your money back!

Best of all - we charge $20 one time

How Cold Outreach Works


First of all, order your scripts from us and we'll give you all our templates that are already proven to work.

Plug these scripts into your outreach campaigns, and watch the replies come in.


We'll show you how to automate sending thousands of cold outreach messages per month

So that you can reach more clients, get more calls booked, and sign more deals instantly

Sign Clients*

You sign clients for your services.

Maybe you charge $500 per month, maybe you charge $3,000 per month.


Do the same thing over and over again to sign more clients!

Scale your business with outreach, you don't need to spend any money on ads!

Swipe Our Best Performing Scripts of All Time Based on Your Niche & Offer

Ecom Scripts Pack: Get Ecommerce Clients for Any of These Offers

  • Facebook Ads
  • ​TikTok Ads
  • ​Google Ads
  • ​SEO
  • ​Email Marketing
  • ​Web Design
  • ​TikTok Content/UGC
  • ​Conversion Rate Optimization

Agencies Script Pack: Get Agencies as Clients for Any of These Offers

  • Lead Gen
  • ​Web Design
  • ​SEO
  • ​YouTube
  • ​Short Form Content
  • ​Podcast Creation
  • ​Ads
  • ​Ghostwriting

Local Businesses Scripts Pack: Get Local Businesses as Clients for Any of These Offers

  • Web Design
  • ​SEO
  • ​PPC Lead Gen
  • ​Social Media Content
  • ​Video Production

Coaches Scripts Pack: Get Coaches & Course Sellers as Clients for Any of These Offers

  • Ads
  • ​YouTube Content
  • ​Social Media Content
  • ​Short Form Content
  • ​Ghostwriting
  • ​Offer Creation & Launch Services

SaaS Scripts Pack: Get Software Companies as Clients for Any of These Offers

  • Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
  • ​SEO
  • ​Backlink Building
  • ​Ads
  • ​Web Design
  • ​Podcast Creation

Real Estate Scripts Pack: Get Real Estate Companies as Clients for Any of These Offers

  • Ads
  • ​Newsletters
  • ​SEO
  • ​Web Design


Do I need to have a business before using the scripts?
Yes, you need an offer to sell. This is not a business opportunity where we will give you a service to sell. You have to already know what you're trying to sell clients. While we are going to give you a free bonus of the offers we know perform best, this is best for people who are already running a business and know what they want to sell.
What if I already do outreach?
Most of the time it is a lot better if you have an expert write your scripts for you. That's because your scripts may not be fully optimized, and you can easily experience 50%-200% better performance on your outreach messages.
How many scripts will I get?
Each script pack has multiple different scripts WITH A/B tests inside of them. You can purchase script packs based off of what niche you're trying to sell to. Inside of those script packs, there will be multiple scripts for different services sold to the same niche.
What other fees are associated with this?
If you choose to manually do outreach, and manually find leads, there are no other associated costs. If you wanted to run high volume automated outreach campaigns, it would cost you roughly $200 per month to run an automation campaign like we will show you.
Do you do the outreach for me?
We do NOT do outreach for you. These are only scripts. We will not be conducting any outreach on behalf of your business.
Can I get a Refund if the scripts don't work for me?
We have a 90 Day Guarantee, if you send these outreach messages for 3 months and aren't able to book any calls, we will refund your money if you email us back.
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